Your emergency plan at your fingertips.

Access and update your information from everywhere.

Capture all the information Australian organisations are mandated to have recorded and accessible in an emergency

Emergency plan framework

Action Guides


Thinking Forms


Compliant with Australian Law.

Using this interactive emergency plan ensures your organisation’s compliance with Australian law. We take you step by step through the vast array of details and we provide you with quarterly reminders to review your plan to maintain currency.

Anytime. Anywhere. 

Your emergency plan is a web application that can be accessed via laptop, iPad or tablet from anywhere, even when you’ve been evacuated and find yourself standing at the marshalling area watching a disaster unfold. 


Guided step by step.

Be guided through a series of what we call ‘thinking’ forms that you will populate; you identify each risk to your organisation and our system calculates the risk assessments for you. Just login and identify the risks that affect your business.

Save time. Save money.

Our thinking emergency plan will unburden those in your organisation tasked with emergency planning. Or, if your strategy is to outsource your emergency plan, our interactive plan will provide you with in-house control, while realising significant savings.

Designed to capture all the information Australian organisations are mandated to have recorded and accessible in an emergency.

360 degree emergency management tool.

Integration with other arrangements such as your Business Continuity plan; emergency policies; your workforce and key personnel; external emergency contacts; the emergency planning committee; and the emergency control organisation; employee assistance providers; extreme heat policy; bushfire preparations; overseas travel risk assessments; and outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.

Action guides 

A series of best-practice action guides will assist organisations in standardising their response activities.

Thinking forms

Fillable thinking forms where data, information and emergency evacuation diagrams and site/floor plans can be uploaded. In addition, risk assessments are calculated for you and risk treatments and controls identified for implementation. An emergency drill schedule and personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs) are also provided; as well as a Hazardous Materials Register.

Recovery activities

Recovery and resumption of work: what to do in the first 24-hours after an incident and what needs to be done in the first week after an incident.

A plan designed for each organisation

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation we have tailored a plan for you.

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